2017 | Photographs collaged on paper | 6.875 x 8.75 in.

“WHY I LIKE” is a new column on artists I have discovered via social media, gallery announcements, or first hand experience. Rather than attempting to add them to some canon, I prefer to talk about their work in terms of personal appeal.

Art presents an essential mystery, which it then provides us with clues to decipher. When I see an image that outwardly confounds me, I immediately want two things: to be immersed in them, and to find the key to their apparent complexity. One desire alternatively complicates the other.

The collages of Amanda C. Mathis contrast building exteriors with middle class interiors, creating a flipping effect that plays against how we tend to imagine one set of details to predict another unseen set of aesthetic variables. In each case the main issue that confronts us is "Who lives here?".


2017 | Photographs collaged on paper | 6.625 x 10 in.


2017 | Photographs collaged on paper | 20 x 16.875 in.