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Cindy Sherman at Metro Pictures | Review by Jill Conner

We've heard it before: "Cindy Sherman is a has-been," or "Her work doesn't say anything new." And for a while it seemed to be truncated in the 1980s, when women's groups protested en masse against domestic violence and rape. Although Sherman was re-appropriating Hans Bellmer's twisted mannequin imagery, the sight of her own face charged the issues. But this time the photographer returns with a literally new collection of work that goes where no woman ever wants to go: graying, old-age.

Although all images are untitled, Sherman portrays the early years of senior life on a monolithic scale as each photograph averages 8-feet in height and 5-feet in width. But these images are not about the photographer. Her identity is lost in the guise of Everywoman, seen daily throughout New York City, and initially appears as a frumpy Jewish mother who looks identical to Mike Myers' rendition of Linda Richman on Saturday Night Live. However her droopy stomach and…