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Don Voisine at McKenzie Fine Art | Review by Jill Conner

Don Voisine’s show of new work at McKenzie Gallery, that opened in April and closed in June, continued the artist’s exploration of empty space, intersection and movement upon square, wood surfaces. Echoing the mid-century design phenomenon that upheld the fabrication of reductive geometric designs, these paintings focus on specific combinations of color. Black and white typically appear in the center as brighter hues provide a visual framework around the edge of each piece.

Thru and Thru (2009) captures a thick black line, juxtaposed to itself in the center of the picture plane, creating the representation of line that moves gradually in opposite directions on both sides of the piece. The red and thin yellow strips of color further reveal that each component of Voisine’s work is equal in measurement. Moving point by point into the realm of flat space, the artist’s overall construction of a painted blank surface is peculiar due to the fact that the titles given to each work create a…