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Ad Reinhardt at Woodward Gallery | Review by Jill Conner

Once Frances Stoner Saunders blew the cover of the CIA in 1999 claiming that Abstract Expressionism, Clement Greenberg and the larger anti-Communist movement operated hand-in-hand, contemporary art critics began to revisit this vaunted moment in American art history in an effort to reconcile “freedom of speech” with the larger tenets of the McCarthy era. The compartmentalization of art away from contemporary culture, toward the realm of politics, impacted artists of that time leading to a restriction of their movements, their creativity and causing them to separate their daily lives from the process that contributed to American Abstract Expressionism. Ad Reinhardt, in particular, used to say, “Art is art and everything else is everything else.” However Michael Corris’ new book titled “Ad Reinhardt,” sheds new light on the artist’s biography as well as his earlier artistic career, that of a comic artist. In addition the Woodward Gallery launched, Ad Reinhardt: In the Minds of Me, th…

Rebuilding the Myth of New Orleans | Review by Jill Conner

As Liza Minnelli attempts to fill the shoes of her mother at New York City's infamous Palace Theater, the true Judy Garland comeback is taking place in New Orleans, LA with the launch of Prospect.1. This city-wide biennial opened on November 1st and showcases a smattering of contemporary art that will most likely be long remembered after the exhibition's close on January 18th, 2009. Intended to put the city of New Orleans back on the map, biennial director, Dan Cameron, extends this show into a number of neighborhoods and historic buildings in order to bring people of this city back together. For those who will not have a chance to travel to New Orleans before this event closes, New York's Asteriskpix assembled a collection of artist documentaries that provide a small glimpse of what has transpired in that city.

A small clip that features a sculptural installation within the once-destroyed Battleground Baptist Church, captures the extreme loss that still exists throughout t…