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I find the experience of reading a really good book on an artist or art subject nearly as satisfying as the art event itself. Perhaps better in the context that a book can cover many events while at the same time investigating a myriad of ideas related to it. A very good book on a movement, perception, or specific artist does all of this.

So as an alternative to the arduous task of leaving home, struggling across the city through public transportation, and dashing to make sure the seamless doors of galleries don't slam in my face before I have a chance to breathe their rarified air and exist in the same gravity as their images and objects--I plan on spending a lot of time with my art books, and you will read all about it here.


In the past the focus of this blog was on reviews, the sort that filled the end pages of many art magazines in the 1960's back to the 30's, a windy sometimes snarky prose that held little flashes of humanity. Starting now I shall not limit my quips to reviews, but will write extensive musings on artists and art subjects, sometimes over several non-sequential posts. Currently I am investigating my fascination with the Environmental artist Olafur Eliasson, and I am reading through the Phaidon Press volume dedicated to his work and ideas. Expect several posts on different sections or aspects of the book.