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Water, edited by John Knechtel | Review by Jill Conner

Water (2009) is a forthcoming anthology from MIT Press edited by John Knechtel and consists of several essays that attempt to capture the subject of water in various conditions ranging from raw sewage to domesticated back-yard pools, while underscoring its significance as a vital component to the natural eco-system. While the first two essays by Knechtel and Timothy Stock wax romantic in an attempt to identify a very illusive subject that finds definition in its complex scientific properties, the photographs of Carolyn Turner, Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley collectively reflect both its static simplicity and historical mystique. But no matter how one approaches the subject of water, it is a paradox that cleans, pollutes and destroys; it is life-giving as well as life-taking.

The human race needs water to live, but as the population continues to increase, its viability has been thrown into question. Christie Pearson’s essay titled, “The Public Bath and the City,” for example, r…

THE BUSHWICK BIENNIAL | Review by David Gibson

The constant flowering of bohemia is not a construct of advertising, nor of the whims of a dozen infamous gallerists. It is the generational engine of youth culture, alive and well, striving at the border of the mainstream, throwing out its various statements while at the same time contributing to a community that has registered a similar creative echo for at least 25 years.

Bushwick is the locus of new creative energies, the same ones that are active in many other parts of Brooklyn, especially its neighboring wards of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. This year saw the emergence of its first official celebration, The Bushwick Biennial, brainchild of NURTUREart gallery director Benjamin Evans, in collaboration with Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia, Chris Harding of English Kills, and Jill McDermid of Grace Exhibition Space. I first heard Ben utter these two words over a year ago, and since then he has worked hard to make it a reality. As the director of NURTUREart, he has seen first-hand what…